China National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy And Action Plan

China National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy And Action Plan


Its conservation and management through relevant strategy is indispensable. The NBSAP envisions a conserved biodiversity contributing for sound and resilient ecosystems and national prosperity.

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Few of them, however, have produced national biodiversity action plans. As a result of the joint exercise, most country offices produced national reports on the human rights situation in their countries.

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In an increasingly interdependent and globalized world, they, in turn, need to move from identity-based politics to the effective management, even encouragement, of diversity through the principle of non-discrimination and the equal enjoyment of rights. Particular attention will be given to assisting countries, upon request, in creating favourable policy and institutional conditions for the conservation of biodiversity through collaboration across landscapes or seascapes, including, where appropriate, transboundary ones.

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China National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy And Action Plan
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China National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy And Action Plan

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China National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy And Action Plan

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China National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy And Action Plan

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China National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy And Action Plan

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China National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy And Action Plan

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China National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy And Action Plan

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China National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy And Action Plan -

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Plan Strategy National Biodiversity And Action China Conservation

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