Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Canada

Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Canada


This paper describes the Forest Practices Code which came into effect on June 15 and is intended to help promote the conservation of biological diversity within the province. The development and effective implementation of the Code is significant and of wide interest to forest and land managers because it applies to all crown lands outside of protected areas.

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Connectivity has been an accepted goal in ecological restoration of wilderness areas for some time, but it is a relatively new approach in urban areas. The connectivity analysis presented here explores the numbers and patterns of corridors required to connect urban green spaces as part of an overall biodiversity conservation strategy.

Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Canada
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Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Canada

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Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Canada

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Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Canada

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Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Canada

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Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Canada

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Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Canada

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Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Canada -

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Moisture and biodiversity conservation strategy

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Canada Strategy Biodiversity Conservation

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